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Athletes and Steriods

September 30, 2009
By Lishy BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Lishy BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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Who doesn’t enjoy sitting down and watching a sports game? It could be the Dallas Cowboys vs. The Oakland Raiders or maybe you enjoy watching Tiger Woods hit a hole in one. No matter what it is people fid enjoyment out of it? Sometimes, these spectacular performers do amazing things. Like Sammy Sosa, but like me, some who witness these amazing physical achievements wonder, how? How do they those things? Do they have help? Sometimes, those who wonder like I do are right. Athletes who want to perform at their greatest potential, like to take performing enhancing drugs.

Some reasons athletes shouldn’t take drugs is because of the effects it has on your body. For example, they cause mood swings, which can turn aggressive and violent. Also, sometimes they can cause paranoia and depression. Acne is another side effect of steroid use, and having acne as an adult cannot be good towards your self esteem. Although there are harmful side effects, there are also good ones, like the fact that is causes muscle tissue to recover more quickly. Which means an injured player can take steroids and be back on the field playing in no time. It can also allow athletes to lift and work out more often.

There are many misuses of steroids. Steroids are meant to enhance muscle mass in bodybuilding, it is a necessity, but athletes that play sports do not need steroids because they are not doing what bodybuilders do. Steroids can be useful, but for the most part they are not helpful in sports. They cause harmful side effects and are not necessary for sports players.

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on Mar. 30 2011 at 7:23 am
well i see what you are saying but im a high school athlete. And some time you might have to take protein shakes and stuff because you can be small like me and use it to gain weight.

Ish1995 said...
on May. 26 2010 at 7:56 pm
To me, steroids are just a cheap short cut to getting out of working out or recovering. It seems wrong that the person who puts in the time and dedication loses out to the person who took the short cut to get what they wanted.