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Adam vs. Eve

March 22, 2009
By KiNABABE SILVER, Lakewood, New Jersey
KiNABABE SILVER, Lakewood, New Jersey
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The topic Adams vs. Eve came about while I happened to be in tuned with the discussion on 'why men need sometimes haves the feeling to conquer one thing or another' between a man and woman. The discussion turned in to a disagreement about Adam biting the apple. The man stressed that 'who made man bite the apple from the tree?', he said a women. When the man said this, I began to think what was man feeling or on edge with when he was tempted to bite the apple knowing it was a Holy Tree? The woman just asked, she had wanted it, maybe just about needed it. Man could of just stepped away or just plainly say no, we were forbidden to eat from the garden. There's two sides to this accusation though. I'd realized during the conversation that man and women have a way of arguing because man bite the apple, that it why to this day man and women argue. In my perspective, that's probably the way I would see it. On one side I see where man can be influenced much easier. Man ate the apple as well, don't forget that. As a woman we did too ask for , yes we wanted it but all we had to do was to show you the willpower to do so. Man can't live without women, you say you want to conquer all but with what could you make it prosper? It could work the same way around, just by analyzing the facts. Man are easy influenced. A prime example for today's world would be the up bringing of gangs. Once a gang is started, it needs to grow, make of. You get one guy that's the leader, sees potential, now knowing what he wants. He needs men good or bad knowing he could influenced them if they haven't been already, especially if there young ones. Man gets intimidated, then whishes that never happens, so he proves himself or just follows. Some get lucky really having the knowledge from right and wrong. But that's it right there, it was a test to see if you could really digest the meaning from right and wrong by not touching the fruit in the garden. Even if you really wanted it or it became a sacrifice, you wouldn't do it even when it got hard. Women did need that man though on the other side now. She did put the pressure on him, he was suppose to be there for her to survive. I told you it works both ways with man and women earlier in the passage. He did indeed to go before the Lord God and do what man had to do to make sure women was okay. Above it all man could or would go to the extreme for it all. The world needed two completely different beings to make it go 'round, whole. Women can weaken a man or give him inner strengths, as well as bring the beast upon him. This just might be man's world but you should think about who gives man that willpower to keep it upright? Who gives man the prosperity to keep it growing? Woman isn't the backbone for nothing, Eve knew what she was doing when she asked for the apple. This all could just very well be a deeper meaning.

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