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Is God Real?

November 8, 2019
By Anonymous

       Since I was little I have known the Our Father and Hail Mary by heart and I never remembered learning them. I’ve attended church every Sunday with my mom and sister, never questioning my religious beliefs. But as I got older and gained more awareness to the world around us, I’ve questioned if God was truly real. 

           When I was little, I was taught that the religion my parents taught me was the correct one. I’ve attended a Catholic school my entire life, spending hours studying many passages from the Bible.  But how do we truly know that we are worshipping the correct god that is all knowing or if there is even a god up above?

          How can we believe in a god if there is so much violence and illness on the planet?  Bad situations happen to everyone and some which people can’t recover from. For example, my freshman year my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer and he also had Alzheimer’s. I spent all the time that I could with him while he was still aware of everything. My sister and I would take him to chemotherapy and go with him to see my cousins football games. It was hard to spend time with someone you’ve known your entire life when they are slowly forgetting you. My grandpa was soon bedridden and passed away surrounded by loved ones. But if there truly is a god, I would think that he would try his best to stop people from getting hurt, emotionally and physically. 

          Catholics believe that God has all knowledge and power of the world and has a plan for everyone. Jesus preached to spread the word of God and peace in the world. But why does God give us many mental fights to battle? He knows we have many other things to worry about but we have to keep fighting more battles.

       What will happen to us after we die? Is there actually a heaven, is it just darkness, or do we start a new life just forgetting everything that happened in the past? We can’t find those answers out until we die, but I am truly curious about it. We all hope that nothing bad will happen after we die but what will?

                   I know many people that hold faith in God and I am proud that they have found hope and faith in life. But I just question that since there are many religious beliefs out in the world, how do we know which is the right one? I myself still haven’t found the answer to this question but I hope one day I will find faith. 

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