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Terrorism in Pakistan

February 4, 2017
By E.S.Black GOLD, Multan, Other
E.S.Black GOLD, Multan, Other
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The term “TERRORISM” merely means  the sheer act of escalating terror which targets individuals, communities or nations through rumor , harassments and physical assaults (killings, kidnapping, bombings or use of weapons for mass destruction). It ranges from distress to killing of large number of people with the use of nuclear weapons. It is done to achieve required aims through use of force and vandalism.

This phenomenon has been in existence from centuries and is not new to us. The earliest seeds of terrorism were sown when the seventeenth century French revolution began but the common people understood the true meaning of the word terrorism en the world famous event of 11 September (9/11) occurred. Some of the most infamous events in this era like the APS Peshawar attack, assassination of Benazir Bhutto , Mumbai attack , Istanbul explosions , New Delhi bombing and the Norway attacks have let red marks on  the pages of history and deeply affects the minds and thinking of people.

Although Pakistan too has been facing this menace since its inception in the shape of assassination of Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan but the fallout increased after 9/11 due to forced involvement of Pakistan in American attack on Afghanistan in the pursuit of Al-Qaida.

The power seekers tend to create instability in countries which may prove to be potential threats for them in the long run. Thus, the intention of creating problems in Pakistan is to impede its potential progress. Thus, they aggravate the already existing problems in the country to a high level. Illiteracy, lack of education and poverty of the people make them easy to manipulate. Sectarian, linguistic and regional differences are a source to create general unrest. Similarly, corruption, lack of justice, ineffectiveness of law enforcement agencies and judicial system creates dissatisfaction and mistrust among the people. Unfortunately these problems have been present in Pakistan since a long time, the only task left for them was to escalate these issues to a high scale and horrify the people through bombings, armed assaults, hostage crisis, kidnapping, target killings and facility infrastructure attack so that the positive development, economy and stability of the country are crippled and hurdles from the paths of those power hoarders are removed.

Although some way or the other complete world hasbeen destabilized and suffers all kinds of destruction but Pakistan due to its extremely important geo-political position, nuclear power, strong and devoted army and nation which came into being in the name of Islam is a potential threat and hence the central focus of the malicious designs of the enemy. By the grace of Allah Almighty the nation has yet survived and hidden support from Allah Almighty is usually seen which becomes a sliver of hope for survival forever. If the Pak-China economic corridor is formed it will definitely prove to be guaranteed eternal existence of Pakistan.

In a nutshell, terrorism is a threat to the world on the whole and especially Pakistan and we will forever fight it, till either our demise comes or it is thoroughly eradicated. Lastly, a country created in the name of Allah Almighty is bound to survive and flourish, Insha Allah!

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