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Society's Puppets

April 7, 2013
By CrazyCreative95 SILVER, North Fort Myers, Florida
CrazyCreative95 SILVER, North Fort Myers, Florida
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If most animals of the same species but different colors and origins can get along, why can't we??

Throughout many of our lives, we've had to hide. Society has created an image that we all must be. For women, it seems you must be thin and tall, and for men, you must be muscular and tall. If you're a woman, you must like men, and if you're a man, you must like women. We all must be what society views as “normal”. If you're not, it seems like you're shunned from society. So, where is it that we're "allowed" to be different? Where is it, that it's okay, to NOT be a gray blob on societies never ending stretch of gray pavement? What if you're a heavy set woman, or a heavy set man? What if you're short, and heavy, or tall, but not muscular? Why is society so afraid of a little difference? What if you're a man, who likes other men, or a woman, who likes other women? What if you're interested in BOTH sexes? So my question is: What's so wrong, with being different? It seems this society is trying to mold every human being into its own little puppets; tying the strings to your arms and legs, and surgically removing your personality until you're a mindless and opinion-less puppet.
But I don’t WANT to be a puppet. I could give a rat’s ass about society’s view of what I SHOULD be. I’m going to be what I WANT to be, and who I am. Why are we hiding? Why are we, as human beings with our own voices, so afraid of standing up and being who we are? I believe it’s time we stand up and be who we are. I think that we all deserve a right, to voice our own opinions, and we all have a right to look how we look, say what we say, love who we love, and be who we are! I think it’s time we stop conforming into society’s mindless puppets, and start being ourselves. And for those who don’t think that we should be heavy, should like the same sex, or should have an opinion…well, let them think that. After all, they have a right to their opinion too, but we need to stop letting the opinion of Mr. Average Joe down the road prevent us from living our lives the way they were meant to be lived; happy and free.

The author's comments:
Stop hiding! Be free!

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