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Self Harm

March 9, 2023
By Happy-Ending-101 BRONZE, Fairfax, Iowa
Happy-Ending-101 BRONZE, Fairfax, Iowa
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Just to let you all know, This is my first submitting work. I WILL get better.

Now, if you know someone who cuts themself or you do it yourself, the reaction when it is told to the people around them is naturally shock, disappointment, and/or sympathy. They might avoid you for a while, or they might become more clingy, constantly watching you, and not trusting you with your knife at the dinner table. I have experience with self-harm, as I do it myself, but am trying to stop. But this isn't about me. I want to explain to the people who want to understand what it is like to be involved with self-harm, and especially the consequences. 

I first started self-harm when I was stressed about school and home life. Once you start, it's tricky to stop.

When you cut yourself purposefully, whether you're curious about what it's like, or you are going to desperate measures, or you want to punish yourself, most of the time it ends with the same result. A spreading feeling of peace and calmness.

When you hurt yourself, your body releases a hormone called Endorphins is released. This makes you feel calm and good and at peace. But it is temporary and makes your mental health worse. After you learn that you feel good after a little pain, you quickly become addicted to it. you stress out about little things and your self-confidence might decrease or increase drastically. the slightest things will trigger the urge to cut. It also influences thoughts of suicide. you can permanently scar yourself and could ruin your childhood. It could influence doing alcohol or drugs later in life.

As for the people who don't understand why people cut or why they just can't stop. It's different for everyone but for me and others stories I've heard, it's addictive. 

When you find a way to be calm or calm yourself down, humans generally cling to it. For some people, it's singing or drawing. It could be cleaning or baking or reading. Some unhealthy ways to cope are alcohol, smoking, or drugs. Most people are aware of how that's unhealthy and addictive, but it's the same way with cutting. Sometimes cutting is essential for part of the day, like before a test I have to cut, or sometimes I have to cut or else I can't sleep. When we cut, we feel calm, and refreshed. The feeling could last for hours, or some people, like me, days. I cut at night, and the next day I am generally more cheerful than I am on other days. But just because it makes me feel good for a little while doesn't mean it's healthy. See Paragraph 4.

If you are cutting yourself, or you know someone who cuts, don't be afraid to tell an adult or trusted person. It's more comments then you think. 17 percent of people have used self-harm as a coping skill. If you don't feel comfortable telling your parents, tell a school counselor or a grandparent. They will help you get over it. It took me a week to tell my mom about my problem, but she put me in counseling and you'd be surprised how much it would help!

If you know your friend is going through this, don't mention it to them often. That could make them feel uncomfortable or upset at themselves. Instead, be there for them. If you see cuts or burns on their hand. show them affection without mentioning self-harm. If they want to be left alone, respect that. If they want to be involved, respect that too. Don't scold them for cutting, it makes them feel worse. If you be kind and supportive, can not only help your friend but improve your relationship with them as well.

The author's comments:

I started doing self-harm in late September of 2022. I am doing counseling and I am getting better.


Visit if you or a loved one are feeling depressed or have thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

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