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Beliefs change

March 7, 2023
By Kendall241 BRONZE, Timnath, Colorado
Kendall241 BRONZE, Timnath, Colorado
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I don't really believe 

in second chances. 

if a friend spreads a rumor about you, 

you shouldn't give them a second chance.


if they really wanted to be your friend 

they wouldn't have started the rumor 

in the first place. 

If someone was unholy to their partner 

you can't just fix that. 

You can apologize 

and say sorry 

but it doesn't take back the fact

 that you lost the person's trust.

  I personally believe

 that second chances are unnecessary  in most cases.  

Wow things can change a lot in 5 months.

I think I really understand

The meaning of second chances

 In my experience

 second chances depend on the circumstance.

 for example

 someone cheated on someone else. 

If you give them a second chance

 your just putting yourself in the same position. 

It’s like the quote that goes

 “Sometimes giving someone a second chance is like giving an extra bullet to a shooter because they missed you the first time”

The author's comments:

Its mainly just about my experience with second chances and how my thoughts about them changed. 

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