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The Most Counter Productive Thing A Human Can Do

December 8, 2022
By ReeceH BRONZE, Downers Grove, Illinois
ReeceH BRONZE, Downers Grove, Illinois
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Communication is an essential part of every human relationship. It's also an essential part of every human activity. However, not all communication is effective. People often argue and fight when they don't understand or listen to each other. Communication is a two-way street; both sides must participate in order to have a functional relationship.
When communicating, it's important that we discuss topics that are relevant to both parties. This ensures that both parties understand what is being said. Disagreements over facts and information are common in communication. People will argue about the facts and interpretation of information when they disagree with each other. This can lead to conflict and broken relationships. When both sides are stressed or upset, it's much harder to remain calm and listen carefully. This is when arguments usually break out. Many arguments are caused by miscommunication and misunderstanding. However, it's important to recognize when someone is trying to miscommunicate with you. Often, this requires a personal knowledge of the situation or an outside perspective on the situation. When both sides are willing to put in effort, communication can go smoothly.
When two people speak without listening, they can usually hear emotions in the words they're saying. However, many people argue over facts and information instead of prioritizing emotional issues. This can be dangerous if the two people involved are emotionally unstable or hate each other personally. Such people will often escalate arguments into fights that lead to injuries and destruction of property. In extreme cases, people have died from violent conflicts sparked by miscommunication. Instead of fighting about what you heard, focus on what the other person said and what your reaction was toward it. That way, you'll quickly address any concerns you may have regarding the message or the person delivering it. This will help keep the conversation calm and peaceful. If the conversation topic promotes harmony, friendship, and peace among all concerned, then great! If not, then move on to a more suitable one - but at least start listening!
When communicating with someone who upsets you, it's counterproductive to blame them for your anger or frustration. Instead, stop listening to their negative words and thoughts altogether. Walk away from the situation- alone if necessary- until you feel calm again. Once you're calm, look at what they said and determine how you can respond without blaming them or escalating the situation further. You can also look for solutions on your own; if no solutions present themselves to your gaze after a good wait, you may be entitled to assume that your contemplations have been so clouded by rage that no ideas will come to no matter how hard one tries… Such a person will need not only good communication skills but also a well-honed sense of humor in order to survive social interactions with those in whose company one has been unfortunate enough...
Communication is an essential part of every human activity- but difficult situations often make us unwilling participants in our own mindsets. Instead of blaming the other person, take responsibility for solving the problem yourself! That way, no one gets hurt and both parties get what they want/need in the end. Both sides must take responsibility for their role in effective communication if they want to avoid conflict

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