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Is 2 Much Txtng Bad 4 U?

March 23, 2010
By brdn287 SILVER, Maywood, New Jersey
brdn287 SILVER, Maywood, New Jersey
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Recent advancements in technology such as Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging, have made it easier for people to connect and socialize with each other on a daily basis. Such modern day conveniences have improved the quality of life for millions of people allowing them to communicate with people on opposite sides of the world. Text messaging has work its way into becoming an essential part of many people’s days because it is a quick, easy, and convenient way to get a simple message to another person. Although text messaging can be utilized for good, there is a large amount of evil hidden behind the tiny keys of the cell phones used to text. Text messaging is a bad modern day activity because it causes health issues, illegal activities, and a poor effort in schoolwork.

Beginning with the first text message sent in 1989, doctors and other experts around the globe have been hypothesizing and conducting tests about the effects of text messaging on people’s health. Doctors have proved that because of the often cramped keyboards found on cell phones, thumbs have to be at an unnatural angle. One effect of having fingers and other extremities at awkward angles for extended periods of time is the development of thumb cramps and arthritis. Another health complication caused by text messaging is an over exposure of radiation that is emitted from the waves of the cell phone transferring data. Exposure to radiation has been proven to cause tumors and behavioral problems. The Environmental Working Group conducted a study showing that certain cell phone users are at a higher risk based on which type of cell phone they utilize. For example, a Blackberry produces more radiation than a T-Mobile Sidekick. Another health problem caused by texting is sleep deprivation. Studies have shown that teenagers and children stay up all hours of the night, which deprives them from sleep.

The exponential growth of the number of people who regularly engage in text message has led to an increase in unlawful activities. A new variety of crime known as “Sexting,” has swept the youth of this generation. “Sexting” is the act of exchanging sexually inexplicit text or picture messages between two people. If one of the persons involved in the “sexting” session is under the ages of 18, all who were involved can be charged with possession of child pornography and be labeled as a sex offender for the rest of their life. “Sexting” has ruined the lives of hundreds of people, even if they didn’t know what they were partaking in was a crime. Another crime that has branched off of the growth in text messaging is texting while driving. When a driver chooses to text and drive, he or she is putting his or her own life at risk among others because they are taking their attention off the road. Studies have shown that drivers who text 23 times more likely to get in an accident than that of those who do not text and drive. Law enforcement officers all over the world are trying to crack down on this deadly act in order to prevent traumatic accidents and death.

Another issue that texting is causing for teens around the world is distracting them from there school work. Text messaging has become an addiction for thousands of teens causing them to be constantly sending messages to their friends even when they should be focusing on more important things such as schoolwork or studying. The point when students become more focused on trying not to get caught texting during class than focusing on the actual class is when grades begin to drop and students fail. It has become a war for teachers to try and prevent kids from texting in class. Some schools go as far as to suspend anyone caught with a phone during school hours which further prevents students from learning because they are unable to attend school when they are suspended. A constant vibrating, beeping, or blinking also keeps students from doing their homework or studying for a test.

The large growth percentage in the number of people who use modern day services to communicate such as Facebook, MySpace, and text messaging show that times are changing fast. Even though conveniences such as texting increase the overall quality of life for most people, there are also disadvantages. Text messaging can cause serious health problems such as arthritis and radiation poisoning, which can lead to tumors. Texting has also spawned new crimes including texting while driving and “sexting.” A final disadvantage to text messaging is a lack of focus on schoolwork for students all around the world. Depending on the time and place that text messaging occurs, it can either be a good or bad practice.

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Is texting taking over the lives of teens everywhere and putting them at risk for health problems?

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