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You yeah,YOU! You Don't Know What Music Is!

February 29, 2012
By Nighthawk7 BRONZE, Pasco, Washington
Nighthawk7 BRONZE, Pasco, Washington
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Before I begin I want you to know that Today’s music is FAKE. I’m not trying to persuade you or even make you agree with me! It’ just a fact. If you are offended then, Good! I want you to be offended. How can I say such an untrue, negative, stereotypical thing you might ask? I can because I know (well sort of). My goal is to inform you, without trying to sound like your granddad. I’m not here to tell you about how the Beatles changed music as we know it, or how we all are brain dead zombies because we don’t listen to “real” music. I mean who has the right to tell us what music is? Music is what we make it!
The reason I’m taking my time to write this is because I want our generation to come to realization. The realization Is that we know the difference between music that is made by “artists” and music that is made by the media. Who is THE media? The media is not one specific group of people, the term media is a term that people have thrown around for years! When people hear a guy rambling on about how the media does this and that, they automatically think,” wow! Listen to this hippie, who does he think he is Cheech or Chong?” This statement is true though! Us as civilians and people of the world have formed a stereotype for people of this type. The media is US and we are the media. If you don’t believe me think about it! We have shaped and formed a society of expectation. People expect us to be “pretty or wear the right clothes”.

We as a generation are always being told to follow are dreams or to achieve greatness, but how can we when we live in a world that breaks us down and takes everything, then gives nothing? We can’t! Society consists of a food chain; the celebs and royalty at top, and the outcasts at the bottom. Then you have the others. The ones that begin at the bottom and rise to the top. Can you think of any people that you might know that have miraculously, proved society wrong? I can!!

Here is where it all begins! One name says it all: Kurt freakin’ Cobain.
Most of you are probably saying, “who the hell Is Kurt Cobain?” Unless you grew up in the post-grunge era of time, then you probably don’t who he is. Kurt is, the savior of a generation! The Michael Jackson of alternative! The sorcerer of metal, and the end of Nirvana. Kurt grew up in Aberdeen, Washington. He began playing music at the early age of 5, not until age 14 did Kurt start taking his musical career seriously. Kurt lived in a town where today would be considered as a dump ,or a ghost town. Even when Kurt was growing up Aberdeen was hillbilly central. Growing up Kurt had a messed up childhood. He lived with mostly his mother in a rundown trailer park. Kurt was heavily in to music, he lived and breathed it. During his teen years Kurt would have been considered an outcast or loner, even at home Kurt kept to himself. Kurt was very paranoid about his body structure and physique, later on he would wear layers and layers of clothes to make up for his un athletic build. Kurt dropped out of high school as a teen to pursue his musical career, and start a band. His first band fecal matter was total failure. After a few years and many beers Kurt along with friend Kurt Novoselic created a band known as NIRVANA. Nirvana was much different from the earlier bands of the 1990’s Nirvana had a much different sound which is known today as the “Seattle sound” or “Grunge”. Nirvana was thought to be “just another band” by many people including their record label “Sub Pop”. Even though many were doubtful the young and aspiring Kurt still progressed. Adopting a drummer (Dave Grohl) and a newer “punk/pop” sound NIRVANA started gaining recognition from both the media and other bands. NIRVANA began touring with other bands like Tad, Soundgarden, Mudhoney , and Mother Love bone (Pearl Jam). After touring for 2 years Kurt started slowly falling into depression. Kurt’s depression affected not only him but his band as well. Kurt died April 5th 1994 by self inflicted shotgun wounds to the cerebral area of his brain.

Kurt is lost but definitely not forgotten him and his band have both definitely affected music today.

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