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April 26, 2013
By Malorie PLATINUM, Des Moines, Iowa
Malorie PLATINUM, Des Moines, Iowa
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"So shines a good deed in a weary world."

Listen. That is all I ask, but it seems like thats like asking for the moon. I wish people would just stop and listen to what I had to say. There are two sides to every story so why not listen to them both? It's important in any type of relationship. A pictures worth a thousand words but really it’s only meaning to say one thing. Metaphors have multiple meanings, well whoever said them meant it one way. What if the story you heard is wrong, the person saying it lies. Or the picture, a lot more simple than you would think. When they say “You’re as pretty as a picture” they could be calling you pretty, don’t think they mean an ugly picture. People over think, over exaggerate, and over explain. Life can be so much simpler. I try to hear every side of the story, try to think of what the author meant, and I’ll admit I fail sometimes. Sometimes I don’t listen, sometimes I believe what I want to. I don't want to hear certain things. I know a lot of people will disagree with me but if you listen to why I say this you might see it how I do. I had a fight, theres my side and the others side. Now people won’t try to listen to me, people who weren’t involved hate me. If only they would listen. If only everyone would listen. Not just with their ears but their eyes as well. You might see that person screaming for help but pretending they are ok. Someone stuck with no way out. Someone just wanting a friend. Maybe you’ll find someone else willing to listen. That can be the start of a relationship, a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or just someone who's always there. If you don't listen it can end something you loved, relationship, family, friendship, who wants that? Listen. Before it's to late.

The author's comments:
This is for anyone who want's to be heard, by a friend, family, by anyone. Listen for love, hate, friendship. I haven't been heard fully yet, have you?

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