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Is it love?

March 25, 2011
By Deztny SILVER, Denver, Colorado
Deztny SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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society has trained us to be afraid of ourselves.

teachers are an ecuse to get us to bow down to our elders.

Some time it's love at first sight. isn't that just in fairy tales? For some, love takes time. When people say "Oh ya it was love at first sight." Or something like "The moment i looked into his/her eyes ..." they don't really mean it. Life isn't just a Romeo and Juliet story. I believe every single person will find that "special one" but only in time. Time is a delicate thing that's hard to control. It's hard to be patient with time. It's all in the wait.

The author's comments:
i wrote this because i wanted to express to everyone that love takes time.Every one around me kept saying that it was love at first sight. An it just wasn't happening for me. So i thought and then i knew that such things didn't exist. An i know that some may disagree with my conclusion. An i am OK with that.

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