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when you think u know some one ?

April 14, 2009
By tabby GOLD, Waverly, Ohio
tabby GOLD, Waverly, Ohio
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only when you think you know some one either its not the real them or you get to see this other side of them that is so unreal and unbelieve and it a little compltied but its alittle hard to think you know some one when you don't hang out with them long enough and it also depaends where and who you are hang out with which is really stupid cause when you go to get to know some one gte to know them and if their that type of person do you really think you know them as much as you do ?

The author's comments:
i love to write when i write i just have an open mind when i write i like to just keep my thoughs flowing know one really know's me yeah i have friends but alot of times they see the real me or they just don't understand me.

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