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Define Love - Heartbreak

March 20, 2010
By SLC96 GOLD, McGill, Nevada
SLC96 GOLD, McGill, Nevada
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live life as if you won't see the future , laugh at yourself & your mistakes & love to the fullest.

Love has many defintions but there's one defintion not in the dictionary. Heartbreak. Dosen't that go with Love? A synomon at the least? If you have love it ALWAYS ends in heartbreak whether you break up they die someone moves whatever the case there is always heartbreak in love. Besides how do you even know you are in love? Is there really butterflies and your heart pounding so fast you swear it will bounce out of your chest? Heartbreak is VERY definte lonliness the feeling of falling crying and sleepless nights. But what is Love? Isn't heartbreak love too?

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