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Beautiful Disappearance

April 10, 2008
By Anonymous

I graze my fingers against the frost on my window.
As i put more pressure on the cold ice it melts against my fingertips.
I peer out the small section of window that ive uncovered.
An orange ball of light sinks lower into the sky, half covered by darkness.
Reds, yellows, and pinks burst from the sun in rays like fireworks on the fourth of july.
I press my hand again to the glass and wait for a larger area to clear.
Looking out the wider section i can see the darkening blue on the outer edges of the sky.
The pinks fad into a gentle purple and then further out, gliding into blue, and then black.
I can see the now blood red sun sinking even lower into the earth.
As the colors become shades darker with the passing time i watch the sun set.
The car bumps along the road and we take curve in the road.
The setting sun makes me think about life and the day i had.
No matter how bad the day is, no matter how much s*** you went through, you can always know that the day will end with beauty.
The sun sets every day, no matter where you are.
Some days may not be a vibrant as others but it is beautiful all the same.
As we reach the end of the curve in the road the sun dissapears from my view.
I know that if i could see the sun, it would be just sinking past the red and all that's left would be the fading pinks and purples in the sky.
But the window starts to frost again and i turn my head away from the window.
Problems in life are like a curve in the road.
Your goals and dreams may dissapear from view but like a sun set, they will always come back if you look for it the next day.
Nothing is perfect but if you look close enough, everything is beautiful.

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