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June 20, 2012
By shaylakassidy SILVER, Milton, Kentucky
shaylakassidy SILVER, Milton, Kentucky
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what you see in the mirror is not you but one of two paths you can take. -Shayla Crumley 2010

Fame changes people, well some more than others. What's the reason for the change, and how exactly are they changing people. Example number 1: Demo Lovato. I love her to death she's and amazing actress, singer and she's a wonderful inspiration. The pressure became to much for her though, she strived to be Hollywood's standard of'normal' and 'exceptional'. That led her to cutting herself, starving herself and most likely hating what she saw in the mirror. Did the papparazi care about what was really happening to her. Do you think they cared so much about her that's why they took pictures of her and made her look like the bad guy. No they purposely do things to get in people's head to get a reaction that makes for a good story. They don't care how what they say or do changes a person. Everyone can be an actor or actess, it's not that hard. Then there's the whole we-know-the-way-a-person-is-but-we-don't-want-them-to-be-like-that thinking. Which leads me to example number 2: Adam Lambert, another person who I adore and think is amazing. Who most people know is gay and is open about it. So why, if you have seen his music video for, For Your Entertainment do they have girls all over her, attmepting to make him look straight. His fans love him for who he was, is and always will be. They don't care if he's straight or gay they love him for him. Not because Hollywood has created this fake image of him. Bottom line being yes we all know Hollywood can bring about fame and fortune, but it always changes people in some way. It's not always for the best either, and they don't care. So next time you think oh I wanna be an actor, or a singer, or whatever you wanna be think to yourself'is it really worth changing a part of me to get.' Even if it's a small part and you don't realise it you're still changed, and you can try all you want, but you'll never fully be like tha way you were before you left.

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