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Harry Potter and the Fight for his Identity

January 4, 2010
By nelsonzirzow BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
nelsonzirzow BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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A few books have been able to captivate audiences of all ages. The Harry Potter series is a story of a magician’s legacy. The excitement over the popularity of his story has inspired books based off Harry Potter. These inspired books have brought up the question, when is literature copy written? “Harry Potter and the International Order of Copyright,” by Tim Wu is about J.k Rowling’s attempts stop copy writes of Harry Potter. Rowling and her legal team have taken on these versions, and thwarted as many possible. The copy-writes have decreased, but should they be allowed to be published?

Reading Harry Potter is the same as waking up Christmas morning to a household of presents. There is an exciting breath holding adventure in Harry Potter that leaves the reader captivated. These books are cherished from childhood; the literature is simple for children to read, but exciting for adults. Altered versions of Harry Potter with new ideas from different cultures are not copy writing. Author’s transforming the Potter adventures into new epics with new characters should be allowed to keep publishing.

These books have different elements that Rowling did not create. The author’s had ideas, which transformed the Rowling’s Potter into a new character completely. This is a quote from Wu’s article: According to Reuters, at least some Russian children prefer Tanya Grotter to Harry, some on account of her Russian name. Local writers do things to Harry that Rowling can’t, like introducing him to local literary figures and putting him in local wars.

Author’s have taken Rowling’s idea, and twisted it into something unrecognizable to Harry Potter. The altered Potter shows triumphing character in their culture. Improving inventions has been used to better a product since the beginning of time. The same method should be used for literature. The author of Tanya Grotter took the idea of Harry Potter and improved it for Russia.

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