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October 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Everyone in the world is treated different.Everyone in the world is made fun of at one time in their life. That is how life goes every day, but as one gets older they tend to accept others, or so most thought. Most teens and children around the world are told to do something so often by their parents, that they seem to think what their parents tell them is the right thing.
In america the main thing that parents and teens have a big problem with is accepting Gay people. It is sometimes tragic when a family friend or member tell you that they are gay and your automatic thought is that you cant talk to that person or that you wont be cool to be seen with that person. This is not true, not at all. What would you do if your friend came up and said that they were gay? Would you say "keep away from me you freak" or "I can't be friends with you now because my mother says you are an abomination to God"?
When i told my frind of ten years that I was gay, she had no problem with this, her father, however, did. I was told to keep away from their family because he did not want me to be around their family. In truth, if you felt this hate pushed at you every day, wouldn't you want yourself and everyone like you, to be accepted? Parents have the hardest time accepting if their child is gay. Parents, instead of being angry and grounding you kid, be proud. Your child gets to be one of the strongest people on earth. Would you really not want your little boy or girl to find happiness? Just think, you gave birth to a stong and happy person who is going to live in the world strong and healthy.
Yours Always,

The author's comments:
I wrote this to maybe get published to explain to students, parents, or fellow gay people what what world does to another just because of what a few people say is wrong. It is just about the acception the isnt there.

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