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The Effects of Television

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

In my opinion, you should be able to control yourself to how much television you watch. Your parents should also control the amount their child watches. If a kid or an adult has that much of an addiction to television I think majority of the blame should be put on the parents how obviously don’t have enough time to spend with their kids and just use the television as a substitute for quality time.

I think it is ridiculous that 79% of people believe that television violence leads to real violence. Those are the kind of sick people who watch what they see on television and want to act it out. You can try to corroborate T.V. with violence, but then what about video games and even comic books. Where would it end? I think people need to start taking responsibility for their own actions and not make it sound like televisions shows coerce kids to turn evil. There is no reason a normal person should not be able to watch a poignant gangster movie with some killing because some psychopath wants to go live out the disturbing fantasy. Again, as parents if you know your child has a violent history why would you let them watch those shows in the first place?

As for the 200 junk food ads in four hours, why is that so wrong? If people don’t have the will power to say no to junk food how is that the advertisers issue? Companies have every right to, and should try to sell as much as they can to make a profit. Of course they are going to make it look as appealing as possible because they want to make money. The sad thing is that fruitless Americans are just too stupid to be able to say no and shut down those businesses. Everyone is too zealous to look to themselves for the blame and are always looking for a scapegoat to pin obesity when it’s just the power of your own mind. T.V., if anything should be the last to blame. For example, stations such as Nickelodeon and Disney Channel have actually had commercials encouraging kids to get out and play. If kids are that phlegmatic to not be able to take a hint like that, and the parents are too lazy to pay attention to them, then they probably will suffer obesity and look for something else to put a garbled blame on. So maybe, instead of inundating the news with the comprehensive reasons of why T.V. is bad, they should give details as to how kids got the ways they are because of outside influences causing them to resort to T.V. Maybe if the parents stepped up their roles, the kids would return to their sanguine state without the use to T.V.

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