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Dear Mr. President (Elect)

November 11, 2008
By mid_night989 BRONZE, Severn, Maryland
mid_night989 BRONZE, Severn, Maryland
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Dear President-Elect Obama,

For the first time in eight years I am actually proud to say that I am an American. For over half of my life I have lived under George W. Bush's administration, and have witnessed the country fall apart. Once a country with a high surplus, we are now under a huge debt that only worsens by the day. I have seen friends and family members suffer, and the hardest part is that I know others are worse off.
I am full of hope for the plans you and your administration have, and I only want for others to feel so too. I don't want to see the thousands of homeless people any more, I'd much rather they had a warm place to stay during the cold winter nights - a home of their own.
As you and your family prepare to move into your new house, please remember those who don’t have a house to move into. Remember those who don’t have their own personal chefs to make every meal for them, and are lucky on the days when they even get a full meal to eat. Remember these people, and help them out so they won’t have to remain living like this forever – help them to get good paying jobs and then help them buy a place to live.
As President, you will have the power to help people live the American dream, don’t the homeless people deserve it too?

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on Oct. 15 2013 at 3:32 pm
RonnieAguilar69, Berwyn, Illinois
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Hatred towards the president is reat harsh. Many other out there can agree that there is a couple of mistakes he has done but leading to this can be bad. I agree with some of the points, good.

Tango123 said...
on Dec. 13 2008 at 3:52 am
Wow! I can't believe people can be so hateful towards a president that helped us through a time of sorrow and suffering. My dad is in the army and a soldier under George W. I'm proud to say i'm an American b/c of the Christian example he brings to the field. You try being the president during what he went through we will see if you could do it.

KPeifer! said...
on Nov. 18 2008 at 1:52 am
Thank you, someone with good views and opinions. i wish there were more people who honestly cared. listen to the song Dear Mr. President by PINK if you haven't already, i cried!

kduggan91 said...
on Nov. 16 2008 at 6:23 pm
I would like to point out that the American Dream you speak of is about giving opportunities...not government hand-outs. President Bush, who may not be an eloquent speaker, still isn't the worst president. He has the lowest ratings because progressives and extremists are just that: extremely hateful.