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Embrace Industry

November 9, 2008
By arielc524 GOLD, Montvale, New Jersey
arielc524 GOLD, Montvale, New Jersey
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Forward, that is where we are headed! We have grown much knowledge over time, starting with fire and rudimentary tools to the wheel to the plough. Now, we have learned the power of steam and industry! The brilliant invention of Thomas Newcomen and James Watt, the steam locomotive is awe-inspiring! We burn the coal which makes a high pressure steam that goes into the cylinder and the pistons and the remaining low pressure steam is pushed out the smoke stack. Apart from the fascinating description of how the steam locomotive functions, what is so incredible about this invention its function.
This brilliant device is used as a transporter. This can carry massive amounts of products over a mammoth amount of distance! And the best part is that its cheap! No one has to spend copious amounts of money to have the steam engine work well. You could be a miser and feel confident that your investment is infinitesimal yet potent. The great invention of the steam engine is one of the many ways that we are moving forward.
Work, it is unavoidable, but the way we have been working has been laborious and has equity to slaves. What we have created now is nothing short from genius! There is the earth-shattering creation of the factory! This is a wonderful creation that began in Britain, but will truly flourish here, in America! Samuel Slater, being the first American man to have a prosperous textile mill has begun our cycle here. Now, it is moving like the destined winds of change to the cities for it is such a prosperous idea. There are huge buildings with everybody doing one specific job. Now, this may seem awkward, but that is what is so brilliant about it! What is beautiful is often misunderstood, and I am here to remove your misunderstanding. With people doing solely one task, it allows them to increase their speed as well as quality.
Due to the steam locomotive, there will be a larger demand for product that will reach all across this great land as well as other nations overseas that wish to make relations with us for our prosperity and effortless production of goods. This will increase the wealth of our nation, and we will become the greatest on earth. Who would not want to be the most powerful, fastest growing nation on the sweet terra? If any disagree with me, then I must reiterate, that this is destiny! It cannot be stopped, and truly, who would want to stop destiny with fear? I urge all across this great land, founded on dreams of freedom and prosperity to take the initiative, to move towards the future. Embrace industry!

The author's comments:
This is an article (persuasive essay) that is for the ideas of the American part of the First Industrial Revolution. This is supposed to be written as if the suffering of the industrial revolution has not yet occured.

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