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Title: No. 2

November 22, 2007
By Anonymous

Being overwhelmed creates writer's block. To start off writing after repetitive snapping of your fingers and a developing cold sweat probably isn't the greatest state to be in; physically and mentally. Writer's block. The world's best contortionist fixed inside your head bending and twisting around, pushing and rearranging all your thoughts into a confined box-like space under the arch of their back. This isn't cliche, this is fictional reality. This is, this is motion in emotion. This is not, this is not nondescript truth.

Motion in emotion. Not the stupidity of putting a hole through your closet door with a baseball bat due to the physical abuse you receive, but the tornado of blood and heart-felt memories that can be seen in your eyes. And the literal 'no' of nondescript truth? Just turn on the 11 o'clock News.

Simplicity is not so simple, and usually ends in complicity. To be born in the mid-60's. To experience psychedelic rock and sexual revolution. You wouldn't have had to worry about your thoughts overriding you and affecting your actions; the worst thing you could've possibly done was fall of the top of your van and witness pink elephants during an acid trip.

The world will keep changing until the ultimate divide of the worst and the best tares in two and everyone's left to fight for themselves. Running, tripping backwards over Marilyn Monroe's gravestone while fighting off one of your own family for the last of your sanity. Now that, that is expensive insanity at it's finest. And if you think of it like that, questioning the way people think and function seems pointless.

Fact 1: Everyone is different but there is not one person who has absolutely nothing in common with anyone else. Whether it be the way the hands of two people fit together perfectly, or the coffee you bought at 11 AM this morning. To find yourself in some way, praying to the unknown for reasons beyond explanation. We all do it. Not for a spiritual connection, just for a connection to the future. And that can seem pretty selfish if you think about it, but what if you were just living for today as if you were going to die tomorrow?
Fact 2: It's the truth. Now learn to spend 24 hrs. wisely.

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