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January 21, 2010
By nature-elf PLATINUM, Ramsey, New Jersey
nature-elf PLATINUM, Ramsey, New Jersey
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If you killed somebody, is that wrong? If you stole something, is that wrong? Now, tell me, what if that person you killed had tortured you for long, endless years, or the item you stole was medicine for your sick family?

Adolf Hitler, though a racist and unjust leader, once said, “If a thief steals your bread, and you take it back, are you a thief?” Just like those words, we have reasons to do things that society would view as “unnecessary” and “evil”.

Today, hundreds of people are faced with this decision of doing wrong to help others. And then in court, you, being honest and faithful your entire life, you say, “I have killed” or “I have stolen”. They don’t ask why anymore; they simple say “guilty” and you are faced with a painful jail sentence that could last years.

So tell me why we believe this philosophy. It is our natural way of thinking—to do “wrong” as they say in society. Imagine if you were faced with a choice—steal/kill or let your family die. Despite everything you’ve heard in school or at church, you would do anything to keep your loved ones alive, even at the price of others. Because you don’t know the “others” to feel pain and life in them. You only see the hard side of everything—where everything, for that matter, is blank and empty. It is a choice that we all make. People call it survival of the fittest. I call it the unjust name.

I believe that every wrongdoing has a cause. We, being humane, are far more evolved than to simply say, “That man is guilty” without thinking of what, in our minds, will happen to him. Because to us, there is nothing to say about his story, his side. There are always reasons to everything, and reasons are why we exist—to be machines in this barren world.

Maybe you are wondering whether or not you should believe me. But trust me, if you’ve ever been in a place where it’s you or strangers, you will pick yourself. In the end it is always like that. We, in a sense, are the most selfish and incompetent beings on this planet. And yet, at the same time, we rule this earth.

Sometimes I don’t know whether or not this to be right to do wrong. Then I think about it for a minute, an hour, a day. I realize there is nothing to be afraid that I should do the wrong thing, because, wrong is simply a word we put to cover its true meaning. Anything “wrong” is just something that is out of place in the human world of oiled parts.

Think about it yourself. The choices of “wrong” and “right” are never the same. But in a way, it is, a sort of conundrum that revolves around the “civilized” world. We don’t know what is “good” and “evil” anymore because we are so alike, afraid to do “wrong” because it is different. Tell me now, are you truly ever wrong?

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