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November 16, 2021
By Anonymous

Life is tough sometimes and not easy, but it doesn't mean we should give up and quit, it means we need to stand up and have courage. Life is not all going to be good things, we just have to realize life is life. We try and sometimes we give up, but why give up? Did you just give up because you       wanted to? I would say no to giving up, but that's not always true. Over the years I have doubted myself, let myself down, but I never gave up. The reason why I never gave up was because I didn't have a good reason why I should give up. Yes, we make many excuses in order to give up, but are those excuses enough? No! Excuses are excuses, and will never get you anywhere. If you keep making excuses, where is it going to get you? Nowhere, because you doubted yourself instead of doing the right thing. Not always are you going to do the right thing, but may do the wrong thing. You may take a turn and not realize it, you may find yourself lost, but what really matters is if you are going to find your way. Finding our ways are scary, but what we should know is that there is scary stuff in life. All we have to do is face it. Don't ignore scary stuff, really don't ignore what's wrong with you. When I was very little I was separated from my families, placed into new ones, didn´t know what was happening, but what I did know was that I have to understand how life is going to work. I had to think and think a lot. Many people say life sucks, and in this case it does, but life is the hardest thing anyone can face or challenge. Not only do we give up on ourselves, but we forget who we are. Many people want to change themselves, because they think they're going to be cool, when actually you're being a different person from yourself. The most important thing in life is to be who you really are. Don't change yourself because you didn't like yourself, or to get someone's attention. None of that matters what matters is your a person who people are going to think you are. Dyeing your hair, doing drugs, disobeying your parents, but what does all that lead up to? Trouble and mistakes. Just because you were not yourself. It doesn't matter if someone tells you to change yourself, you just need to tell them you are who you are and no one can change that. Mistakes may lead the way, but are you going to let those mistakes continue to lead the way or are you going to lead the way? Everyone has at least made many mistakes and those mistakes bring us down. Mistakes happen. Mistakes may lead you in the wrong direction, but that was your choice to make that decision was it not? Decisions, let's just say, are really hard to make. Throughout my middle school years, I had to make a lot of decisions and some of those decisions led to mistakes, but I had to learn from those mistakes. Learning mistakes has a very important value in life, and that value is not repeating your mistakes. Repeating mistakes will lead you in the dump and we don't want to be in the dump. It's ok to make mistakes, because mistakes get in the way, all we need to know is to not repeat those mistakes, but learn from them. I made many mistakes that I may never forget, but I remember not to let go. If someone told you to let go, be you, What would be the first thing on your mind? Well, all I can tell you is that the first thing that should come into your mind is thinking. What I did was think. Someone told me to get out there and be you, I had to think real hard, by what they meant. Soon, I figured out that I had to express myself and do the right thing that needed to be done. 

The author's comments:

I am 14, Yes, very young, but I write for fun. Mostly I want to pursue others to have postuve thoughts. I mean many things go on in life, but not all negative things which is why I want to help others with that.


This piece I wrote in my own opinion, but I want someone elses opinion.

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