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Are you a winner if...? MAG

By Anonymous

   It's Tuesday, and aclassroom of children are reciting mindless verses like,"There is nobody as special as me" and, "You'rea winner if you just do your best!" At first glance youmight think these children have wonderful self, but howis this self-centered way of thinking going to effect theirlives in the long run? Can we actually teach self, ormust it be learned through experience?

Are we creatingpeople like my friend who thinks she is the eighth wonder ofthe world? She has repeatedly told me she is amazing atlacrosse (although I don't know anyone who has seen her play)and she could be on television for her fabled 30 in miniaturegolf. In all my games against her, she has not scored below57.

Putting aside academics to make sure children feelgood about themselves could be too much of a good thing. Theymay be as smart as a can of tuna, but think they are allEinsteins.

Instead of ending up with a country full ofconfident, productive people we may end up with one full ofself-conscious, incompetent people.

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i love this so much!