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Seniority System Doesn't Work MAG

By Anonymous

   Seniority System Doesn't Work

by S. Z., Stoughton, MA

The seniority system is ruining the educational process. There are many teachers who find ways to inspire students, but under the seniority system, many don't get the chance to affect the lives of students for more than three years. These teachers are dismissed instead of being tenured because of teachers who have seniority.

Our students are suffering because of this system. There are some teachers who have inspired me, but won't get the chance to inspire others because after those three years they are let go. These teachers are now doing part-time work as store managers or construction workers. Their talents are being wasted.

One teacher who really motivated me left the system after the teacher he was replacing returned. This teacher didn't do anything out-of-the-ordinary, but students felt obligated to do well. He encouraged students not just to learn, but to make the learning experience enjoyable.

These teachers make a big difference in the lives of their students. Few teachers really know how to motivate; most just tell their students to read and memorize.

For the education of our students, changes must be made. Reforms in the seniority system must come soon for us. Before laying off a teacher without tenure, perhaps testing of all teachers should occur. Perhaps school systems should lay off all teachers in the spring and have them reapply in the fall. Then by reviewing teachers each year, only the ones who can motivate and teach students would be rehired.

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