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I Think... MAG

By Anonymous

   I think I don't know what I've got until it is gone. I think I dislike late-nightTV. I think there are too many fake people in the world. I think I may be one ofthem. I think my dad is good. I think I will kill my sister. I think this is abusy time in my life. I think my Chemistry teacher is the devil. I think nobodyin the world is taller than 9 feet. I think my room is clean. I think I am luckyto be alive. I think I will name my kids after wallpaper colors. I think I enjoyfamily get togethers. I think no politician can be trusted. I think America isbecoming corrupt. I think next year the Braves will finally win one. I think snowis beautiful. I think I am an insanely jealous person. I think I should loosenup. I think I need a nap. I think no homework is ever good. I think I need tolearn how to express my feelings more openly. I think I need to look at the bigpicture more. I think my mom is cool. I think some try too hard to beintroverted. I think a parent's advice is a good thing, even if it is wrong. Ithink college is a long way off. I think the 49ers are overrated. I think NotreDame is awesome. I think most people do not see the humor in little things. Ithink seven out of 10 dentists do not recommend Crest. I think hockey is my firstlove. I think Monty Python movies are genius in motion. I think Cher is a stupidname. I think "high-ranking government officials" are no smarter than you or me.I think NASA is a waste of money. I think education is important. I think I willcut class. I think I feel better. I think I am eccentric but harmless. I think Iwant to take a stand on something. I think I am in a change-things kind of mood.I think I liked this. I think I am done.

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i love this so much!