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By Anonymous

   What is wrong with people these days? There are many out there who cannot stand to see people make so much money for what comes naturally to them. Sports players, for instance, are viewed as losers who are insanely overpaid and don't deserve a fraction of what they earn.

This is also often said about rock stars, actors and actresses. What gets to me is not that these people make so much money, but that so many take it upon themselves to judge these fortunate few.

For some reason, the people who are crying their little hearts out over this don't understand the way our country works. They seem oblivious to the very principle upon which this country is based - free enterprise, or take what you can. What makes the economy turn is everyone trying to make as much money as they can, as long as they don't break a law. What makes this country so great, so free, is people's opportunity to make it big. Our founders made the assumption that people would try hard to become successful, and if everyone has such a drive, the economy would prosper.

What, then, makes what these people so bad? What they are doing is simply what our forefathers envisioned. So if they aren't doing anything wrong, why are people so uptight? Personally, I have no clue. My only guess is they are jealous. These complainers, more often than not, are not as successful as they had hoped to be, so they place the blame on those who succeed, and left them behind. I know I am mature enough to recognize when someone has done a good job, and anyone who can get millions of dollars for doing nothing, I congratulate. Maybe what is in store for these people is a little respect, not hard feelings.

I am not writing this as my maid brings me another drink, nor am I going to take a spin in my red Porche through my personal amusement parks. And I only wish I could jump in my personal jet and fly to Rome for some good pizza. No, I have none of that stuff; I am the same as all of you. All those sport and entertainment stars are incredibly rich in my eyes as well, but I accept them for who they are and what they have accomplished. I don't get all caught up in how they have it easy, and how terrible my life is in comparison. If this country teaches us anything, it's that we can achieve that status, and I aim to do that.

Unfortunately, many of the people who envy the super rich don't have those dreams; they are content just being jealous. Maybe you should stop being envious, and start on your own path to some great lifestyle, because one thing is certain, the very people you envy didn't get where they are today by sitting around and complaining. ?

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i love this so much!