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   I'm glad that I got your attention, although I knew that it wouldn't be difficult. Do you know why you are reading this article? It's because you saw the word "money." Admit it. You flipped the page, saw the word "money," and your eyes and went right to this article. You are not alone.

Greed is ruining society. Everyone is after money. It's gotten to the point where sports figures make millions of dollars to play a game while homeless people are left to live on the street. A big movie star like Jim Carrey or Sylvester Stallone will rake in $20 million dollars to make a movie while children are dying of starvation and disease. Our country shells out millions upon millions of dollars to manufacture war supplies and research trivial things when that money could go to help needy families. Victims of fires and natural disasters are often left homeless without money or possessions. If some of these big entertainment stars could give a little back to the community, they would look good in the public eye and might get some publicity. This is a win-win situation.

Now don't get me wrong, some people do give money to charities and to fix up their home town, but a million dollars, instead of a few thousand, would help a lot more. Celebrities have more money than they know what to use it for. If they could give up their expensive cars and other high-priced purchases, they could afford to give some of their "easy money" to help the less fortunate.

You can pick up a newspaper and read about an anonymous person who won a million dollars and then donated it to a hospital. You can also read about Mother Teresa and other great people who live to help others. These are normal people who really don't have much money. They have sacrificed what they have to help others. Why can't movie stars and athletes be more generous and giving?

The fact is, we shouldn't be so concerned with having a lot of money. Money won't bring you happiness. It should be used to pay bills and purchase necessities. Helping the less fortunate is much more enjoyable than money sitting in the bank. ?

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i love this so much!