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Is Veterans Day Underrated? MAG

By Anonymous

   For some Americans, this Veterans Day went by unnoticed. Many didn't even know it was Veterans Day. Most went to work, and for those who had the day off, they went about their routine tasks. They didn't even stop to think for a minute what this day was all about. Veterans Day is supposed to be a day when we remember those who fought for our country in all the wars the United States participated in. To those people who are still alive, this day is more important than their birthday!

My grandfather, who fought in World War II and is now 87 years old, called me on Veterans Day more excited than a little boy with a brand-new puppy. He called to remind me that it was Veterans Day, the day the whole country honors him for his courageous fighting in World War II. To him, this is the day he gets to tell his memorable stories and everybody listens. Because not many people today have had experiences like he had in the war, no one should forget them.

He talked to me for over an hour telling me story after story of the scariest five years of his life. I began to realize what it must have been like jumping in a foxhole and praying to God that a grenade didn't come flying in after you. None of us can imagine what these people saw.

My grandfather told me stories of how men would be talking to him one minute and die right next to him shortly after. He related stories of how the enemy would try to outsmart him by placing mines where our soldiers would never think to look. He was brave, but afraid every waking moment because he knew it might be his last. Life was precious, not something to be taken for granted. My grandfather fought for his country and is proud to say so.

While looking in the Boston Globe on Veterans Day, I noticed that there were few articles on the holiday that most people forget. It's one thing if an everyday citizen doesn't acknowledge Veterans Day, but when our media doesn't even give just recognition to this day, it is an insult to all the veterans! Veterans Day should not be regarded as just another day off from work or school, it should be a day of remembering the heroes of America, all the heroes, from all the wars. If the United States did not have people willing to fight to defend the country, I might not have been here today. Our country is greater because of the courageous people who fought for our freedom. Veterans should be greatly honored. ?

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it is intresing