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By Anonymous

     I believe the world is going in the wrong direction. All society cares about is money. Anything someone can do to make more money is the right thing. Our country has faced some severe problems recently and we should not care so much about money but rather about people.

I have seen one change firsthand. My grandparents live in a rural area. Their house had been surrounded by farmland but in the past year the neighbor’s house was knocked down because the owner decided he could make more money by building doctors’ offices. This is not a bad thing, considering my grandpa is 80 and my grandma is 76, but the point is the owner doesn’t care who rents his building. All he cares about is the money.

I know we must accept change. With new technology, the world is definitely changing, but this doesn’t mean people have to, also. People still need to be kind and helpful to each other, not just to friends and family. We shouldn’t ignore those who are handicapped or don’t have the same privileges. Everyone should be treated equally.

I know everyone wants more money, but people forget how fortunate they really are. I know strong middle-class families who would like to win the lottery or make billions of dollars. They idealize people like Bill Gates and forget what they have. They don’t think about those who can’t even afford a home or clothes. We all think the rich are lucky but we need to remember that there are families who go hungry. In 2001, according to the USDA, 33.6 million Americans were “food insecure,” which includes 13 million children. We have all seen the commercials that want you to help a child in need, but most of the time we ignore the message.

As teenagers we will soon play a major role in changing the world. We need to step up and take control. We can help others by giving a few dollars. If we do small things, we can help others. It should not be an inconvenience to help others, but a joy.

Our grandparents and elders have much more respect for values and how fortunate they are to be able to enjoy their freedom. I think sometimes we take America for granted. In our country, we don’t experience slavery or persecution for our beliefs. Society has changed the world into a competition for money.

I’m not asking for a dramatic change, just little things to help others. Say hi to someone and ask how they are doing. Be happy with what you have and try not to envy those who seem to have more. Help those who have less. Never question what you have if there is food on the table and a roof over your head.

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