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Too Quick to Judge? MAG

By Anonymous

   A scared young boy cries in the corner because he was being teased.The sensitive ninth-grade girl comes home in tears because shedoesn't feel good enough. This is the life of many teenagers today.The amount of teasing and tormenting in schools is probably higherthan ever.

Teens judge and say horrible things to each other. They seem to judgebefore they know someone. If a teen sees another wearing somethingnot in style, that person is automatically not "cool" or a"geek." But maybe that geek's not afraid to express himselfand has enough confidence to do what he wants and has his own mind.He probably has a ton of self-confidence and enough ego not to carewhat others think. Every time I hear someone talking about another Ithink, Wow they have no self-confidence because otherwise theywouldn't have to assure themselves they are better than thatperson.

Although teens seem to be the tormentors in school, I wouldn't leaveout teachers. Although they are supposed to be there for thestudents' education, they too can also say mean things. I would belying if I said a teacher has never put the tiniest dent in myself. Teachers can say things on purpose and hurt a student'sfeelings. Overall, school these days could probably be described as atorture chamber for teenagers. But if all of us could just not judgeand be nice for a day, our lives would change drastically.

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i love this so much!