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Celebrating Our Veterans MAG

By Anonymous

     Bullets flying, soldiers falling, screams, blasts of grenades and bombs, and the sound of guns echo across the battlefield. These echoes are embedded in the minds of all soldiers who fought for their country. Not only have these brave men and women placed their lives at risk, they have also put their own fears aside to focus on the greater good of the United States of America. For these and other reasons, our veterans’ service should be celebrated and glorified.

Veterans are magnificent because they have risked their lives for our country. One’s life is considered his or her greatest possession, and to give that away takes a love so great it can’t be described in words, only contemplated in silence. Every person engaged in battle has an equal probability of having their life taken and every soldier in war knows and accepts this fact.

The men and women who have fought for our country put their own fears aside for the greater good. Pointing a weapon at another and taking his or her life seems an incredibly difficult task. Those who take another’s life must fear this, but when they consider what is best for their country, their worries seem nonessential. “Everyone has a fear, and that fear is faced in someway during every soldier’s service in the armed forces,” my grandfather, a veteran of the Korean War, explained to me.

For serving our country, our veterans should be praised and thanked. One day, I, too, may have a gun on my shoulder as I walk toward battle. As a veteran, I know I would appreciate being respected and would be honored to have my service celebrated. Every man and woman who has served our fantastic country as a member of the armed forces has a significant link to each other, and to praise one veteran is to praise all veterans. Our veterans should not be forgotten, but celebrated with honor for their service and heart for our country.

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