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February 2, 2011
By BRONZE, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma BRONZE, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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She felt like a cornered rabbit. She looked up at the stranger, who she decided to call Snake, and hoped he wouldn’t harm her. “Well now that question and answer time is over, I have some unfinished business negotiation to attend to. Harmony will bring you something excellent to eat and I hope you will enjoy your stay here at the Cottage Inn, as I like to call it.”

Once left alone again, Marian though about the situation. “how could my own family do this?” she wondered and began to tear up. Determined not to show any emotion she took a deep breath and tugged at the bindings around her raw wrists and listened to her stomach grumble in expectation of a meal.

Voicemail again, James called between every class but Marian wasn’t answering.
“That’s weird, she usually answers” he trailed off

James bolted up in bed, the chilly air enveloping him. He was having another nightmare of the last time they spoke. That Monday night, not long ago. He prayed it wouldn’t be the last.

Grace J.


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