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January 22, 2008
By Anonymous

A pure form of art,
Graceful, yet energetic.
Refined, yet vigorous.
A true gift,
that revolves around the passion.
Various styles,
some quiet and relaxing, others loud and rapid.
Surrounded by mirrors,
no matter what, there is continuous work to be done.
Perfection; not possible
There is always turning out to do, always steps to learn.
Perfection; not possible.
On the barre, poise and posture is everything,
Ballet, tap, jazz, and pointe.
Diverse forms,
All revolve around the same aspects.
Pointed toes, posture, and turn out
For the love it.
The passion drives you,
to convey yourself through a different form.
A form of movement
A movement that reveals your inner self
With out words,
Express yourself!

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