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JJ Redick-ulous

December 14, 2007
By Anonymous

I am thankful for J.J. Redick because he’s smoother than a baby’s bottom. He was a monster behind the arc in college, and destroyed college franchises just by looking at their players in the eyes. J.J. Redick set the NCAA all-time record for points, and for three-pointers made. Redick was drafted 14th overall by the Orlando Magic in 2005, and has been a pure shooting legend since the day he was born.

Redick rarely gets to see great playing time in the NBA, but when he does, he’s reigning threes at will. Redick stares his opponents in the eyes, then pops the tre’ in their face before they can blink. They look back and see the ball swish through the net, only to see Redick going back to the other side of the court, with his hand still in the air because of his shooting motion. Redick led the Duke Blue Devils to many tournament wins, and was a part of some stunning surprise games.

Redick gives back to the community as much as he can as well. He helps children in Orlando and donates books and money to schools. Redick also teaches kids to shoot the three ball, but none of those kids will ever shoot the ball like J.J. He was a part of a pure shooting basketball training video, where he shows you the proper way to shoot, but no one will ever master the shot like J.J. He is a legend beyond the arc now and forever.

J.J. Redick is not a myth, he’s a fact. He may be one of the most underrated people in all of the world’s history. George Washington has nothing on J.J. Redick. You, have nothing, on J.J. Redick.

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This article has 2 comments.

on Dec. 26 2008 at 6:35 pm
he was taken 11th over all in 2006 and he is the ACC leader in points not quite NCAA...but i wish!

ckarst131 said...
on Oct. 22 2008 at 4:47 pm
Ok now this is the best thing anyone can write about mainly because JJ in the man and not one player will ever shoot the ball like he did. Dan defiantly knows what he is talking about, except for one thing. JJ is not the all time leader in points scored in the whole NCAA, He is the leading scorer in the ACC which is still saying a lot. The only reason JJ is not playing in the NBA because of knee injury, but you just watch, this year he will see at least 25 minutes per game. If anyone thinks they have anything on JJ they are wrong because you take him up in a game he will go around, over, through, and any other way to show you he is the man with the silky smooth stroke.