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October 24, 2007
By Anonymous

“Runners to your mark”
The gun shoots off and all your have is your own two feet and mind set to get your through the next 2.4 miles. You’re crammed between 60 or more girls, but I have a lead with my foot speed. I make it in the top 5 for the first 800 all I notice from then on out girls passing me left and right. I want to go faster however it seems that my feet are betraying me. I follow the blue line I won’t let the top girl out of my site. The first hill is approaching and I’m not sure if I can take it head on and strong. Another girl passing me and all I can think about it what should I do next. My breathing gets harder my legs get number and the only thing keeping me going is my own pride and motivation. A girl on my own team finally catches up to me. This must mean that my once in front of the pack as came to a halt and I’m slowing down. She in encourages me to keep up with her and finish it strong in the lead to the end. I try but it seems my feet betray me leaving me in far site of my team mate. I finally cross back over to the other side of the street I have a large down hill and all I can remember my couches telling me is to us this time to take advantage, step out of my comfort zone and take charge. Although I know what I should do it seems my body doesn’t want to follow I haven’t even made it to the 1 mile mark and my body has already deserted me.
As I keep running trying not to look like a fool my mind wonders to thoughts that keep me from going faster, I’ve officially have given up on trying to beat the other girls. At this point all I want to do it be done and walk away from this body-aching memory. I keep going though, I have fans that cheer me on saying “You can keep up!” and “This is the point to block it all out and go.” Although I’ve already been running just about 2 miles now it finally kicks in that I’m running a race. I make it around to the big hill that we talked about, and the goal of it was to retain a good mind set because you’re almost done. I make it up the hill I feel fine other ever I feel that I can do better. The man yells “You have a 400 left,” my coach is to the side saying “Natalie, kick it; I know you’re tried but trust me!” I take that information and run with it. I start at a fast pace however, I know not to go to my fullest potential yet I don’t want to burn out like last time. I hit the 200 mark from the end and all I can think about it to get back at the girls who passed me earlier. I take off at a dead sprint. I make my way back up the line passing 6,7,8,9 girls just at the last 200. It’s the greatest feeling in the world have hundreds of people left and right witnessing you not giving up. However, I see the clock read my time and sink. It’s not what I expected I wanted better, but I’m done and accomplished what I was set here to do.
“Runners stay strong, keep on walking you’re done with the race.”

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