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Suzuki DR-z 125cc

March 14, 2008
By Anonymous

“Ok. You can do this.” I said to myself aloud. I was in a race. I was on my Suzuki Rm 65. I was in 2nd place and then all of a sudden boom. My bike blew up. That was it for that racing season. Then I came home on March 7th. 2 weeks before the same race my bike blew up in last season. I got off the bus and went into my house. “Dad,” I called. He didn’t answer me. So I walked outside and Yelled “DAD!!”
"I am out by the building,” he called back. I walked out there and saw my dream. A new dirt bike. A Suzuki DR-z 125cc.
To start with, the best dirt bike is a Suzuki Dr-z 125cc. 2005 model. The Coolest bike in the world. It is a 4 stroke [ piston goes up and down 4 time/ 4 cylinder engine] and it is for off road riding. This is the best bike I have ever been on. I have had 5 bikes before. The DR-z is the coolest bike I have ever been on.
This bike was meant for fun. Riding it is awesome. It is easier to control than any other bike i have been on. It cost as much as any other bike dose but i believe it is better. You can get badly hurt. If you have the right equipment on then you wont have to worry about it.

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