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Letter to Jordan

October 23, 2007
By Anonymous

How is your summer going? I hope it is going great for you. Mine has been awesome. This year people from my church and I went to Canada for a fising trip. We to a motor home up to Gullrock Ontario, and fished Red Lake. We stayed at very well kept fishing camp. I stayed in a cabin with my Dad and two brothers Jordan and Jonathan. Each morning we would all wake up at about 5:30 to 6:00 to go fishing. Jordan and I had are own beat and so did Jonathan and my Dad. Jordan and I went after northern pike most of the time and Jonathan and my Dad went after walleye. The fishing was great. Jonathan caught a 28 inch walleye. My Dad caught just a bunch of big walleye. They where all around 25 inches. Jordan caught a lot of nice northern. Okay! You will never believe me but I caught a Muskie so big that we couldn’t get it in the boat. I would have taken a picture but it was to big to take a picture of it. We ended up dragging it back with the boat. We almost sunk. When we made it back to shore we got a crane and lifted it out of the water. Nobody was sure how much it weighed because it was too big. About 5 to 10 minutes later the crane broke because the fish we so massive. I am not lying I swear.

One of the days went it was getting dark I went to go to the dock to do some late night cat fishing. The stars were just beautiful that night. The big dipper was right in front of me. For a while I was not getting any bites, until I switched to catfish charley stink bait. It smell horrible. Cat fish like stinky, bloody smells. I don’t have a clue why. I did end up catching a few blue cat fish and one cannel cat fish. The cannel cat fish weighed about 46 pounds. It fought really hard for about 15 minutes and then just stayed under for about another 20. When I got it to the dock I had someone get me a net. The guy grabbed a minnow net, can u believe it! Well I ended up telling someone else to get me one. While netting the catfish I though I was going to lose my fish. We ended up getting it in and we all had a fish fry together with the fish we caught.

Later that morning we all pack up are gear, said are good byes, and went on are ways. One the way home we saw plenty of different types of animals. The first one we saw was a pack of wolves just as wolves. Later we saw three moose. Two cows and one bull. The bull was massive. You should have seen his rack. We stopped at a gas station near the border, when we got out it stunk so bad I could have cried. I tell you, the fishing stuff you buy in Canada cost a lot more than it does when you’re in Iowa. It is because Canadians know that we need fishing supplies to fish with. They know that we all come up to Canada for one reason and that is to fish. Well I better let u go I am about to go fishing in a near by pond. The bass fishing in that pond is just incredible. I will have to get you to the pond sometime. I know you like crappie so lets catch them and eat them. I’ll deep fat fry them. This time I’ll let you go. Call me when you want to go fishing. You will not regret it.

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