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A day in the huddle

October 1, 2007
By Anonymous

As i get called back to the huddle; I take a deep breath trying to regain stamina.the qauterback said if he calles motion then the play was made for me but if he didnt i was susposed to block. we broke the huddle and we all got lined up on the line. the quarter back yelled out motion, motion so i knew the play was for me.it was up to me to win the game.The was a fade route to the endzone.He calls hike and i ran as fast as i could the sweat dripping from my helmet.he threw the football i reached out my hands the defender got triped up and fell to his knees.Im wide open and the ball touches my finger i stumble and the ball dropped out of my hands.we lost the game by point.I dropped to my knees but as i sat there the crowd yelled loudly I looked up and my teammates was in front of me and telling me thats its alright were still winners.

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