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The Boston Red Sox MAG

By Anonymous

   Once again we've been sucked in,

Why can't our team ever win?

They have the guys who have the skill,

They just don't seem to have the will.

Maybe it's time to forget the curse

And come up with the winning purse.

Babe, we've suffered long enough,

Why do you make winning so tough?

We came back strong after starting slow,

But yet our record finished below.

The Blue Jays don't deserve to win,

Why did Frazee have to sin?

In Boston we should have learned by now

That we will always lose somehow.

We've suffered now for 73 years

With broken hearts and many tears.

With Morgan gone there seems to be a chance

That we'll soon get to sing and dance.

So, remember Sox, we'll always cheer,

But I'm sick of saying, "Wait 'til next year!"

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