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   Golf will never be the same. All who saw Tiger Woods play at the Las Vegas Invitational would say it was unbelievable. And he's only 20 years old!

Woods is becoming one of the biggest names in golf. Why? Because he's as good as he looks. His drive - sure, John Daly is a great long distance man, but Woods is better. Tiger Woods can hit the ball straighter and longer off the tee. At Las Vegas his shots were 13 yards longer than his 323-yard average. Two weeks ago, Tiger was going for the green on the 15th tee shot. Well, his tee shot flew into the sand behind the green, which he hit with a three-wood.

Woods is just like Nicklaus was with putting. Whenever Nicklaus had a 10-foot putt, he would make it. Well, Woods makes them too. He did it two weeks ago when he was on the eleventh hole and had to sink a 30-foot putt. Watching, you knew it was going in the hole. Even off the course, Woods is amazing. He recently signed a contract with Nike for $60 million dollars. Just to wear the hats and shirts, he gets $60 million. Wow!

But whenever someone is this good at something, they must have practiced. And he did, but he started at four years of age. By the time he was eight, Tiger Woods could out-drive his father and hit a 200-yard drive and beat his father when they went golfing. He started the amateur tour when he was only 15 years old. When someone is this exciting to watch, it's lousy when the season ends. l

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