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Jump Rope

February 4, 2008
By Anonymous

Jump rope is a sport unlike any other. Most people just consider it a simple activity, but others train rigorously to be in shape for jump rope tournaments held worldwide; it’s a sport requiring tremendous endurance, strength, speed and focus. As for me, I consider it a lifesaver. I was heading toward obesity; I rarely exercised (if at all) and I spent most of my time indoors eating junk food and watching TV. I was worried about my health, but I did little to change my lifestyle because I was always shy about going outside. I was horrible at any sport I could find; I had little hand-eye coordination and I wasn’t fit enough to keep up with anyone else. I was rummaging through my closet for some clothes that still fit me and I was surprised to find a jump rope. I remembered that my dad bought it for me years ago, but I never bothered to use it. I’ve been introduced to jumping rope at the playground, but I dismissed the idea of even trying because, to be honest, I thought it was a girl sport. I was eager to give jumping rope another try and failed miserably at my first attempt when I tripped on the rope and nearly fell. I practiced that entire day and after a week I could jump rope for a minute without stopping. The next week I found myself with a terrible pain that I discovered later were shin splints and from then on I vowed to stretch everyday.

After months of practicing I felt lighter and stronger. I was losing weight while doing something I enjoyed. I went to the park frequently and I could run alongside my friends without feeling as if my heart would burst out of my chest. Although I play a wide range of sports now (my favorites are tennis and handball) I still jump rope whenever I can. It’s a sport beneficial to anyone who’s trying to lose weight, become physically stronger, or just trying to find a sport that’s inexpensive and fun. Jump rope is a lot more than chanting rhymes; there are many different skills that you can learn: skier, front straddle, heel exchange… and if you’re that serious about it, you can be the next World Jump Rope Champion.

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