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Your Dream MAG

By Anonymous

   You feel the beat of a distant drum

deep in your heart every time you play

Now, it get louder and faster.

This time is more important,

this time is real.

The ball spins in your hand.

The ball is a key. The key

to your dream

It returns faithfully when you bounce

it to the floor.

The drum inside you is now a small

band. As you move around as gracefully

as you can, a choir kicks in.

Now, for every time you fumble in practice, for every time you make a wrong move,

for every person who says "You can't"

You shoot.

The band stops.

The choir stops.

You stop.

Sailing through the air goes your key.

You can do nothing but watch with

your mouth wide open.

The lock makes a wish as the

key goes through

The band starts up again; twice as loud

and twice as fast.

It comes up through your chest and

forces its way through a big smile

Maybe you scream.

For the first time you notice

everyone else

Your team.

Your family.

Your friends.

Your coach.

They feel the same way.

You whisper to yourself

"Yes, I can!"

You have unlocked the key to

your dream, and you know ...

The whole world is yours.

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