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December 1, 2015
By Zanze_writer BRONZE, Libertyville, Illinois
Zanze_writer BRONZE, Libertyville, Illinois
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Have you ever moved to a new place? Somewhere where you were shunned or felt out of place? Well, that all started for me when I didn’t acquire all the skills to become a level five gymnast. I had the potential, yet no one there saw it in me. They thought that my limits were maxed out doing what seven-year-old girls could do. Though that was not true, actually quite the opposite! Thus my journey into the mysterious unwanting gym had started.

I quit out of my current gym. Even though the coaches tried to stop me, I had gone too far and there was no turning back. This farewell was my weakness. It was the gymnasts that cheered me on, the fun memories of happiness, the coaches who made us work hard to do well but, the hardest to say goodbye to, were the people that had become like siblings… my friends. I searched and seeked for the gym that would be a perfect match and after a little while I found it. It’s name is LGA, also known as Libertyville Gymnastics Academy, and they had let me move up a level to officially be a level five.

When I got there I had not known anyone, not a single soul. I had been told that some gymnasts from my old gym had switched and now went to LGA but soon I had realized they had fed me false information. That was fine by me though, this was my chance for a new start… a change. As I walked in the building I easily noticed that the place was jam packed! I barely made it through the entrance alive, what a lucky little girl I was!

I soon changed into my leotard and headed into the gym where I had met a polite girl named "Lucy". She was the one who showed me around and helped me get to know everything and everyone. But soon that kindness and helpfulness was torn away from me due to a girl called "Kaitlyn" coming. She started saying irritating things about me that were all a “piece of fiction”. Soon enough peer pressure caught on and I was brutally ignored and made a joke out of. “Maybe I should have never left my old gym” I thought to myself.

One year later all got better! Those girls moved on to other things while I stayed right where I was, doing the thing I love most… scoring high places at gymnastics meets! Taking us to the present time, one more year later, I have people who I can truly call friends. People who would NEVER say something bad about me because of someone saying rude and unpleasant comments. So in the end, being the new girl is not half bad.

The author's comments:

I wrote this to show that being new will give you a different perspective on things. Also that you can make a happy place with the people who apprieciate you. For who YOU are, and not what other say about you.

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