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pool time

August 28, 2009
By hailey lock SILVER, Park City, Utah
hailey lock SILVER, Park City, Utah
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one day me and sarah went to swimming, we went to the pool around 12 o’clock. we swam and played in the pool for about three hours. it was a sunny day so we went to go lie in the sun for a while, then we went swimming for a little more. their were only about ten people at the pool at the time. but as we kept swimming we noticed that more and more people were coming to the pool we did’nt want to go in the pool because it smelled like chlorine and every time you jumped in the chlorine would sting your eyes. me and sarah were thinking about going back home because their were to many people there, but then some people left so we kept swimming. it was so hot out that it felt like we were burning alive, so we kept jumping in the pool. every time we jumped in it felt like diving into ice clod water on a hot summers day, then the sun would make you steming hot ten mintues later. it was about four o‘clock now and we thought to invite more friends.

me and sarah invtied one more friend to come to the pool, her name was marlee. as soon as marlee came me and sarah were so happy to see her that we almost got kicked out of the pool beacuse we were to loud...then me and sarah jumped into the pool with our eyes closed, we were holding hands so that we didnt seperate as soon as we hit the water we landed one some large thing i opened my eyes and it was an old man... we all started screaming as loud as we could beacuse we were embaressed. he started giving me and sarah weird looks then we saw him get out of the pool and he was talking to the life gard. marlee was like i think he is going to tell on you guys so we got out of the pool grabbed our stuff and ran out of that place! we looked behind and some one was yelling at us it was one of the staff so we ran to the bus stop and none of us have been their again.

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