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Guide to Being A Girl

October 4, 2014
By Outcast4God PLATINUM, Farmersville, Texas
Outcast4God PLATINUM, Farmersville, Texas
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So this article is for all of the guys out there, who think it is so easy to be a girl. Because it's not. Being a girl is actually very, very hard.

Let me start off by talking about our appearence. That being a very broad subject, I'm going to break it up.

1. Hair-- Girls can spend up to an hour on their hair. Testing styles; straightening/curling it; adding highlights; and just trying to get it to STAY DOWN! I mean, who wants to have a conversation with someone whose hair is sticking up?

2. Makeup-- While many girls go for the more natural look, many like a bit of makeup to enhance their features. And there's nothing wrong with that. You see, the reason we wear makeup isn't to attract YOUR attention. It's to make ourselves feel good. There's just something about a little concealer and lip gloss that can make a whole girl's day! It just brightens her mood, and that makes her appearance all the better. However, in order for that to happen, it has to be done in just the right way. Every girl is different in how she wants her makeup done, how much, and what shades to use for each occasion. First there is concealer, so her face is one, even tone. Then comes eyeshadow, to make her eyes pop. Eyeliner and mascara enhance her eyes, and lip gloss gives everything that extra shine.

3. Clothing-- We could spend hundereds on a perfect wardrobe. Maybe even thousands. Clothes define who you are; football jersys, tank tops, dresses, basketball shorts, baggy shirts, ripped jeans, etc. Each piece of clothing creates a personality. Then come prints, necklines, lengths, shoes, and accessories.

The next step to being a girl is walking. Walking can be very hard. Girls can't walk like a guy does; normally. A normal girl walk means making sure you don't look stupid, keeping an eye out for anything you could trip over/run into, maintaing a conversation with the person next to you (girls always travel in groups), and still looking confident. This is espically hard for girls in heels/wedges. Espically if said heels are 4 inches high. There is no greater humilation than falling on your face in front of everyone.

Then comes Girl Talk. Girl Talk is a whole other language. Girls can communicate with a series of

G1: "Did you see?"

G2: "OMG yes! And like did you check-"

G1: "The prices? AMAZING! So how was-"

G3: (approaches) "Are ya'll talking about prices on the new shirts at Forever 21 and how homecoming was?"

G1&2: "DUH!"

I'm serious. Girls can finish each others sentances!

And above everything else comes.... flirting. One has to be careful to control her flirting. She wouldn't want to give one guy the wrong idea by trying to be nice, but it comes out as flirting. But she also needs to be able to turn her flirting on in case another guy comes up, so that way she doesn't seem 'just nice' to HIM. Get it? Good.


So, yeah. The life of a girl can be pretty complicated guys. So do us a favor, and give us a break about how hard yours is.

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