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My Scattered Aim

September 15, 2012
By Dynamo DIAMOND, Lahore, Other
Dynamo DIAMOND, Lahore, Other
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Locked in mental combat with those infernal studies, I have a good mind to maneuver into the dock. However, it just happens that I love reading books, and while college may be the devil’s advocate’s doom, it has the one thing that I need to get on; books. I just can’t live without them. But there, I am digressing. What I really aim to do is to get splendiferous grades and become a doctor. It’s not for the heat of the profession; it’s for the opportunity to relieve mankind that I decided on this course. Whenever I see a third-world country child with a lopsided arm or a leg sticking-out at an odd angle, I feel, this could’ve been me. And since I have been gifted with sound faculties of body and soul (not my mind, it’s a bit peevish!), I feel as if this is my responsibility. I have been created for this purpose: to heal, to save, and to alleviate pain and torment. I have been designed keeping one thing in mind: strive for the greater good. So what is the use of constructing giant buildings and skyscrapers and fighting a case for human rights when the little girl next door is suffering and is probably going to die from sickle-cell anemia? I am not denigrating any other profession, but I have made my choice clear. I will strive with messianic zeal, with undeterred determination and unimpeachable fervor to achieve my aim. It is my prerogative. It is my life. It is, it is….. wait, I just spotted a new book! A fascinating one with an amazing cover photo! I am going to get it. Will think more about saving mankind after reading this one…

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