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The Christmas Party Woes

December 25, 2011
By bubblesrfun GOLD, Muskego, Wisconsin
bubblesrfun GOLD, Muskego, Wisconsin
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As I write this, it's Christmas. This year, as it is every year, Christmas for my extended family magically ended up being at my house. Seeing as I'm only 14, I really had no choice in it and wouldn't have volunteered to have it at my house.
Frankly, it's far too much work. The ironic part is, my mom's birthday is the day after Christmas. Since it's practically a tradition to have my family's Christmas party actually on Christmas, this means that my mother is always cleaning up on her birthday. Every year, she ends up complaining about having to host the party, especially since her family contains 9 kids, most of whom have at least 3 kids, and some of the kids have kids. 'I'm soo not doing this again next year' and 'You kids need to step up and help. I'm doing this for you' she complains while all 4 of us are cleaning up the next morning, the 4 of us being my parents, my brother, and I.
So the main reason I would not have chosen to ever host Christmas is the endless noise, the stress of being the host. This year, people started arriving at 1 o'clock. Right now it is 8:30 pm and people are still drinking, kids are still screaming, and some of the great cousins are still arriving. As the host, you basically can't kick anyone out. The rowdy drunks that are your family by 2 am want to stay and talk, to keep drinking your alcohol and sharing all kinds of weird stories. All you want to do is sleep! But you can't. Also, after the people start arriving, you have to be social with every single person at some point, some people for like 9 hours straight, especially that friend that you accidentally invited who happens to know absolutely no one in your family, besides you.
As my closing statement, I just wanted to let you know that I really don't hate Christmas, I don't hate my family, and I'm not some miserable old anti-social teenager. I'm just a girl who prefers not to stand around in a circle of my drunken relatives in an overheated house for 10 hours on end.

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This probably won't be read much seeing as it was posted after the holidays, but I still thought I would share it.

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