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A Life Almost Taken

February 3, 2011
By ieshadanai GOLD, Walnut Grove, Mississippi
ieshadanai GOLD, Walnut Grove, Mississippi
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I love you as much as you love me. So if you hate me then we're even.

"I'm leaving.I can't take this anymore."
Those we're the words that had me freaking out and trying not to cry but the tears came out anyway.
"Please,don't do it.What happened?Tell me and we can go through it togther."
"no one can help me im just tired of all this. Find yourself a new best friend. someone way better than me."
"There is noone better than you."
i was trying to talk him out of it ,thinking if i didn't stop him it would be my fault cause i was the only one he told.So i told his gurl and my cousin with all three of us we would be able to stop him. We were all texting him and trying to talk him out of it. I could not stop crying and thinking it would be the end of the world if i lost my best friend like this.my parents saw me crying on my cousins shoulder and made me tell them what was going on.I told them everything and then i almost dropped my phone and felt my heart break because he had sent
"bye Iesha D..."

The author's comments:
this was the scariest moment of my life and i feel for anyone who ever had to go through with this.and to anyone who is thinking of doing this please do not. You do not want your friends and family to feel this way and i bet the problem will go away if you give it time.

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